Day 20: Why do you love RDJ?

Where do I begin? Well, let’s start with appearance. Like a fine wine, he gets better with age. XD He has those beautiful, gorgeous, brown eyes. His hair looks good long and short. He’s physically fit. A smile that could light up the whole world.

Now, let’s move on to personality. I love how he can be┬ánarcissistic, but yet be so thankful and full of gratitude to all of the people that had help him to be where he is today. I find it adorable how he shows his love for Susan publicly. :)

I also love how he and Jude have the best bromance ever. XD

He also loves and cares for his son, Indio. :D I like how he doesn’t care what to wear and just wears the strangest outfit, but makes it look fashionable. He doesn’t care what other people think.

Robert, as an actor, can play any character perfectly. He was amazing as Tony Stark. Sherlock Holmes. Nathan Gardner. Dr. Kozak. Peter Highman. And the other several roles he had portrayed. His work is just flawless. As a musician, his songs are really soothing to listen to. I wish he makes another album. D:

Overall, he is amazing as a person. Before I die, I want to meet him. I can’t believe I only discovered who he really was last summer. :/ But, thank you God for creating him. :)

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