Day 18: If you could meet RDJ for one day, what would you do?

Oh my goodness, what kind of question is this? X’) Well, I’ve actually been constantly thinking about this question, but I never came up with a definite answer. XD 

This can go in many directions. One thing for sure is that we would go out to eat. XD I mean, who doesn’t like to eat?

Then, we could just walk around the city (LA or NYC), and just talk about anything. I’d probably be in shock the whole time, so he’ll probably try to crack jokes to break the ice. XD We could also watch movies. Well, this is a lame answer…

Overall, I actually wouldn’t know what to do. I’d be in too much shock that I’ll faint in his arms. 

I’d travel the world with him, okay?! XD

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